Monday, August 20, 2012

hood to coast with nuun

Happy Hood to Coast week!!

HTC has been on my calendar for months. There hasn't been a day I haven't thought about it with excitement, anticipation, and a dose of nerves. But now that it's really here I can't quite believe it. I feel unbelievably lucky to be a part of Nuun's well organized team. Not even lucky, more like spoiled. To be coming to Hood to Coast for the first time and not have the responsibility of assembling a team,  renting a van, finding post race accommodations, loading up on food... coordinating anything really. I just get to show up and run.
my htc legs!

I have been doing my best in this month post wedding/honeymoon to get in shape for HTC. Last week I ended up taking two rest days just to avoid going over 50 miles. Which was my goal for next week! Ahead of the game so I'm forcing my foot off the gas pedal. Better to be smart.

Week One
Mileage: 34.5 (5 days/5 runs)
Key Workout: LR 10 miles at 7:10 pace

Week Two
Mileage: 40 (5 days/5 runs)
Key Workouts: 12.5 mile LR. Track workout 4 x mile, 2 x 800

Week Three
Mileage: 46 (5 days/6 runs)
Key Workouts: 13 mile LR, Track 2 x 1.5 mile - 1 x mile, double

Week Four (this week)
Planned Mileage: 50-52 (6 days/6 runs)
Key Workouts: LR, Track, HTC (triple?)

To mentally prepare, I bought the HTC movie and watched it last week. I just needed to try and understand what I'm getting in to. Now at least I can somewhat visualize the event. Can't wait to be a part of it all and report from the road!

I also ran my first double workout since spring last Sunday, 12.5 miles at 7:30am and 4.5 miles at 10:45pm. I wanted to mimic what HTC would be like. Night running is fun, despite my intense fear of raccoons. Those things look ready to tangle.

Nuun has three teams this year - morning, noon and night. I'm team night (or team night light). We are going for the neon look, lighting up the night!
always buzzing like neon
We also have started a pretty rad Spotify playlist full of jammin' night songs! Bam! 

Anyone else doing Hood to Coast? Veterans: Advice? Newbies: Good luck to us!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

not impressed...

I'm sure you've all seen the tumblr by now, hello watercooler convo, but Mckayla is Not Impressed made me laugh until I cried. 

And then when I wiped the tears away I noticed... I can make my own!? And there went the next 20 minutes of my life. 

mckayla is not impressed with MCHammer
....even when he's with olympian alysia montano

nor does she care for our oiselle dance party

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

my favorite summer song

Passion Pit scared me with their first single, Take a Walk. It sounded too... normal. Too much like everything else. But then the full album came out. Everything I was waiting for.

I can't stop listening to this one song in particular. I would call it my summer jam, if I said stuff like that.


What are you listening to this summer? 
(Also are you Spotify? Got any good running mixes to share?)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

track workout for half marathon

Now that I have 2 weeks of base under me and realized I have a half marathon looming in 7.5 weeks I decided it was time to make a date with the oval.

what I DREAM I look like on the track :)

The workout I set out to do was based on Jack Daniels' training philosophy. The dude, not the drink. And to give credit where credit is due: Mama MacKay wrote it for me before my PR at the Eugene 1/2 marathon. Today I was able to complete 4 x 1 mile, 2 x 800 and some strides. It's my first time back on the track since mid April, so I let myself ease in. 


Track Workout for Half Marathon Training

4x1 mile at T pace, 1 min jog btw (T pace in Jack Daniels' speak is the equivalent of McMillan 'cruise interval' pace).
5 min rest.  
3x800 at I pace, equal time rest (I pace in Jack Daniels' speak is the equivalent of McMillan 'speed - endurance monster' pace).   
5 rest.   
4x200 at R pace, full recovery (R pace in Jack Daniels' speak is the equivalent of McMillan 'sprint - endurance monster' pace).

Total 6 miles of hard effort.  Warm up 1-2 miles, cool down 1 mile


You will notice the short rest and the pace letters. Basically this workout is designed to make you work on the high end of the aerobic line. There is an aerobic/anaerobic line. Anaerobic, is that quad burning speed. Working on the edge but not in that range is beneficial because you push the lactic threshold back. Eventually will be able to run faster just below the burn for longer. In this workout you have to let go of the impression that you should hurt a lot in every workout. Many people leave their best races out on the track during repeats.

An athlete this type of training worked for is one of Ireland's greatest runners, Marcus O'Sullivan, who almost quit before altering his training. He is now the coach at Villanova. You can see an interview with Marcus Sullivan discussing his training philosophy on Flotrack (also below).

What's your favorite track workout? I'd love to hear about your training philosophy!
Sidenote: If you follow me on Twitter you know I'm also complaining about what I self diagnosed (with the help of a PT friend) as chronic Achilles tendonitis. I listened to my body and I warmed up and cooled down with intention. I also took an ice bath after rolling out my calves. I'm being as careful as I can without overreacting. :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Kingston reTREAT 2012

Last year I lost the last of my excuses to hide my running ambitions at the Kingston women's ReTREAT. I truly believe that weekend put the last pieces together to build the year I've had. A year where I came home to my sport and put away my reservations. I gave up my fear of failing and more importantly my fear of succeeding. I decided that whatever happens it's worth putting in all the work and throwing down on race day.

Last year, I pondered how these names and sizes come to life as multifaceted, uniquely complicated, strong women. Nothing has inspired me more than watching those women actually succeed in accomplishing the goals they shared. They completed marathons, found running buddies, climbed mountain, they encouraged each other and celebrated each other.

It's interesting how the pieces of years and life stand out clear when you take the time to look back. I see what that weekend meant even more clearly now. Here in August 2012 I am looking back now, not yet signed up for a race after Hood to Coast. Fresh off months of wedding focus, which I let myself fully enjoy and now looking ahead at the next year. What's here? And how do I find it? What goal might this weekend light inside me?