Monday, July 30, 2012

week one, ramp up

will this count as a workout?
In my last post I said I felt that posting my outlined plan would be a little snoozy. In the comments someone disagreed, saying they were interested how I planned to ramp up so quickly. Meaning how would I jump from 15-20 mile weeks to 30, to 40 up to 50 in a month.

First, we all know the 10% rule and I am a big advocate for following it. Only build 10% per week. The reason I'm not being strict about that rule as I come back this time is because I made sure not to fall off too far despite the fact that my mileage was lacking.

By this I mean I only dipped down to 15-20mile weeks the week before my wedding and the 1.5 weeks after. I maintained 30 the other weeks, sometimes more. I didn't write down my workouts because my life was ON FIRE. But I would double check my weekly mileage on scratch paper and made sure to get an 8+ mile run and a HIIT workout each week.

My HIIT workouts were loose but I made sure I got into some real solid pain, either by running as fast as I wanted with music (tempo run) or doing a hill workout on the treadmill (once in Aruba). I made sure the HIIT was over 30 minutes and left me a little wobbly. For example: hill workout was quarter mile hills x 4 with half mile rest on the treadmill. 1.5 warm up and 1.5 cool down.
it's not "aruba hot" unless your mustache is sweating
So although I ran 3 or 4 days a week, the workouts were substantial. This isn't something I'd maintain in normal training but it's an no brainer way to maintain some of your hard work during a 2 -3 week vacation. Basically you're just taking your mileage days off and keeping your workouts.

Coming back to Seattle I was ready get back into training, ready to put two days of running in a row for the first time in a couple weeks. Before I tell you how, I'll say I'm not a work horse. I'm not a high mileage runner. I'm injury prone and I have had three knee repairs. By this point in life I'm smart about my ramp up. If I'm going to go from 15 miles a week to 35 I know the work I do before and after my runs is the most important.

Around my runs I focus on my diet, my rest, my stretching and during my runs: my pace and my form.

This last week I ate clean, or detoxed. Honestly if some of you saw the diet, it'd be similar to what you always eat. It's what I should be eating all the time, perhaps with some more complex carbs. The detox eliminates anything that would interfere with recovery. No alcohol, no sugar, no caffeine, no dairy or soy and no gluten. Lots of almonds, fruit, veggies, water, avocados, almond milk...I was actually more satisfied than my typical diet which includes too much white flour and sugar and not enough substantial calories.

Caught up on sleep and slept hard. Sleeping without wine or coffee in my day is always better.

I'm no good at this. But I stretched after every run.

Made sure to run at a comfortable pace, where I could think about my foot strike and using my core...

My form always falls apart from my core and back. I can tell it's falling apart when I catch a glimpse of myself running by a window and I have that strong S curve where my booty is sticking out and my back is arched all wrong. If my form is messy I take a break and I stretch. Or I do high knees, butt kicks or plank to bring the muscles I need to use back to life. When my focus is back and I get my hips under me I continue the run.

Week 1 
Mileage:34.5 or 38.5 dependent on which day my week starts. I like to compare both Monday and Sunday week starts.
*My long run was too fast, but I had fun doing it so I'm not going to beat myself up about it.

Friday, July 27, 2012

my belly is in runner's world!

That's my belly in RW this month!! And the coolest bag eva by Oiselle! 

Sally noticed that NYC Marathon sells those banners they use to line the streets leading up to marathon day. And she thought, I bet I could make that into a bag. She called up Alchemy Goods and voila! 

The design is Sally's, the banner is NYC's and the bag construction was done by Alchemy (local Seattle company that can make you a bag out of just about anything). 

Runner's World needed a photo the same time we were down in Eugene for Totally Trials. Which was great, because my little sis Rebekah is an amazing photog (getting her grad degree in it!) and was there with us. So we took the bag and me into a cool alley in Eugene and shot some sweet pics. Sadly my head didn't make it into the mag, but how great does the bag look!?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

running: the comeback plan

Owen and I got back to Seattle at 1am last Friday wearing matching Divi All Inclusive Resort Honeymoon t-shirts. When he asked the night before if we could wear them together on our travel day I assumed he was joking. Both Honeymoon tees were men's XXL. But the next morning when I went to get dressed Owen was standing there wearing his and mine was folded next to my jeans.

I firmly believe this was a marital test. A sick, twisted test to see if I would schlep around three airports in a XXL t-shirt that proclaimed 'MEGA RESORTS MAKE HONEYMOONS SIZZLE' across the front and back. The proclamation illustrated by two cartoon fish about to smooch each other on the front. On my birthday no less. We didn't really get a photo that captured the 'specialness' of my outfit that day...but based on the looks we received it was very special. I was one fanny pack away from a real hit.

modeling our honeymoon tees after opening them at divi

honeymoon tees travel from aruba to seattle

Anyway, I'm back in Seattle and on a mission to get my running legs under me. I realized the past 3 weeks of training have all been under the total mileage I will run at Hood to Coast. I've been running around 20m/week. So I have four weeks to get as injury resilient as possible, while ramping up my mileage and building speed and strength. (I sound like a Runner's World cover)

I was going to post my detailed day by day plan, but after I wrote it I realized that might be a little snoozy. So I'll try to get it out fast. Run 30 miles this week. Get back on the core work, pushups, burpees, drills... the goodies. Including doing my years of hard won physical therapy strength training exercises for my knees and back. While increasing my mileage each week: 34, 37, 42, 46. 

Also this week I am detoxing. This is the only time you'll hear about it. I can't tell you how many times I deleted the Tweet "I haven't had coffee today. Detox day two." Because who cares? I don't tell you blog about many cheeseburgers I eat (a lot) so to make the lack of food a big deal is weird. And it's boring to both of us. I'll say it's a runner friendly detox and I eat more (of the approved food) than this plan says to. Curious? It's this little detox doozy, and I've done it twice before. 

After three weeks of bacon, cheeseburgers, fried everything and countless day drinks with my only exercise being the walk from my cabana to the bar and body needs a quick reset. 

side of fries: main food group for july
pinot coaster
Getting back in fighting shape is never easy, but I'm ready for the work. T-30 days until Hood to Coast!