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If it's not clear by now, I'm not a doctor. But I am sick and I am trying to get better faster. I haven't been this under-the-weather in years. I can usually kick a cold at the first sniffle. I have a master plan and a well stocked Jeffery Campbell shoebox containing all my proven medicinal remedies. I have spent many recent years uninsured, which means... unless you're dying fix it yourself!

What's in my trusty sick-kicker-kit?
1. Dr. Shen's Cold Stop: I picked this up a couple years ago when I felt like I was coming down with something. Who the H knows what it is, but you basically take 5 pills at the first sign of cold or flu. Take another 5 in 4 hours and the last 5 the next morning. You can find it at your hippie grocery store.

2. Gypsy Cold Care: While you're at said hippie grocery store get your mits on some Traditional Medicine tea: Gypsy Cold Care and Breath Easy are my favorites for cold kicking!

3. Echinanea: I dragged my sick-recently-insured arse down to the clinic yesterday to rule out strep. No strep, but the doctor did give me a print out containing all the remedies I already had locked and loaded PLUS one I didn't have. While it might not be riding the high of the 90's trendy Echinacea craze, the doc recommended Echinacea Purpurea (not angustifolia).

4. Cold Ease (or ANY zinc lozenge): Start sucking these down, one every 2-3 hours.

5. Water: water never tastes good when I need to drink it, so I add Nuun. Or drink hot with lemon and honey. I also count popsicles as hydration.

6. Rest: old movies are best watched while sick. I finally watched The 7 Year Itch yesterday. Lemme tell ya 1950s humor is ... different.

7. If you are a true holistic yuppy, you own a juicer. Get it out. Juice some carrot, apple, ginger root, lemon and then add cayenne pepper and honey. Drink. Then hopefully you're sick enough that your partner/roommate will clean out the juicer for you.

8. I haven't tried it yet, but I came across this Apple Cider Vinegar brew that sounds nasty, so it must be healing. I'll be trying it as soon as my cute grocery boy husband comes home. 
Being sick is the pits. Like a rest that is neither wanted NOR enjoyable. Achy, feverish and hacking up what used to be a perfectly good lung isn't my idea of 'restful'. Feeling weaker and weaker, while watching the running week's goals wash down the drain. Whump, Whump...

What are your sick-kicker tricks?? I'll take anything!


  1. Insured or not, I hate going to the doctor. I often feel like I'm paying for Dr. Obvious.

    That said, I've been using liquid garlic extract since I was a kid. We use Kyolic brand and put it on capsules right before we're ready to take it.

  2. When I had a bug a couple of months ago, someone recommended Camille Herron's blog to me... I started taking D3 and Iron... it seemed to help actually. I didn't try her other suggestions. But here is the link:

    Get well soon!

    1. This blog post is gold! Thank you. I've been neglecting my supplements, funny because initially I was going to write about the supplements I take, but then felt like a fake since I'd been so bad about taking them... teaches me. People swear by this liquid iron, might be time to try it.

  3. I do the ACV brew..well minus the cayenne because I have GERD and I cannot handle that one...but I drink it and it does work. It is nasty. I drink both cold and hot...I think Hot does a better job but taste stronger. The ACV can be bad for your teeth so I use a straw. Use BRAGGS ACV and feel better soon!!!! oh also vicks under your feet and put socks on after putting it on.

  4. oh this is awesome! i am totally going to try some of these things next time i feel a cold coming on (which hopefully will not be any time soon!). this summer before HTC i thought i might be catching something (all three kids and my husband had a yucky cold and i was either paranoid or really starting to catch it too). my sister told me to take elderberry extract. i bought some and took it and never got sick! it tasted yummy-ish (not delicious AT ALL, but better than any cold syrup i've ever tried) and it did the trick! i guess the idea is that it boosts your immune system. and what's better is you can find it at your hippie grocery store but also regular old pharmacies, too.
    i hope you feel better SOON!!!!!!

    1. Ooo! I'll have to get my mitts on that! Thanks!

  5. I can't take credit for this, since it's my dad's creation, but when I'm getting sick I put equal parts garlic cloves and tablespoons of butter (usually 1 clove with 1 T butter, but sometimes 2 and 2) in the food processor and whizz it up. Then I toast up some toast and spread raw garlic/butter mixture on top. Eat. You will sweat garlic and your partner/hubbie/roommate will avoid you for a while but it really works. My dad had to have his spleen removed when I was little (horse accident, i grew up on a farm) and he eschews modern medicine so he never gets the shots. He hasn't gotten sick once since he started the garlic! You may have to gag it down but you won't be disappointed!

    1. I love garlic so much I might actually enjoy this cure. Sorry Owen...

  6. Gah I rarely get sick (knock on wood) I will have to remember this post should I get sick anytime soon!


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