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I am running my half marathon for something other than a PR. For someone other than myself. I'm running the Seattle 1/2 Marathon for Team Every Mother Counts on Sunday November 25th.

Earlier this fall you may have seen Oiselle's exciting announcement that we are the official apparel sponsor for Team EMC.  Or that Sally is running the NYC Marathon with the team. In fact the entire office has gotten behind the cause. Kristin, Jacquelyn, Sally and me are all running the Seattle half. Joined by Lesko and others.

birds for every mother counts

What Is EMC?

Every Mother Counts was founded in 2010 by non-other-than super goddess Christy Turlington Burns. Their mission is to reduce maternal mortality globally. To ensure all mothers have access to the care they need to have a healthy pregnancy, safe delivery and strong baby. To stop the hundreds of thousands of deaths that could be prevented each year. They fund that change by directing 100% of the money someone like me raises to the appropriate programs.

You can learn much more about EMC, their mission and maternal mortality at
I found this information to be very powerful. (source

It's hard for me not to get all John Mayer 'Daughters' right now.  But I think as women: whether mothers, mothers to be or daughters it's easy to feel empathy for Every Mother Counts. At it's heart it's a very 'simple mission' with profound local and global affects. Which is why I'm here, ready to run for EMC.

How Can I Support EMC?

  1. You can pledge a donation to my Crowdrise. Seriously every single $5, $10 adds up. #everymilecounts If you're like me your friends are super active in the charity running world and it can add up. I have a goal of over $1,000 to reach pre-race. 
  2. Purchase a rad EMC hoodie, tee, spike bag... on Oiselle (40% of the proceeds goes to EMC!)
  3. Spread the word. Twitter, Facebook, talking over coffee with girlfriends, snail mail, whatever! Twitter handles to Follow, Mention and RT: @CTurlington @EveryMomCounts


  1. Very cool cause, I had never heard of it before. Thanks for sharing how everyone can support it.

  2. this is so powerful and awesome. i will be prouder than proud to support the cause. oiselle rocks, you rock and EMC is simply amazing.


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