run, rest, repeat

After the (disappointing) Bellingham Bay Half I stuck to the post race place I made last April. Heavy on recovery, light on celebration. I have spent a couple years using every half mary finish line as an excuse to take a couple weeks off, eat crappy food and generally become a sloth. Yeah, I think that's all good if it's the end of a 'season'. But I can't pull my party pants on after every finish line. Especially after that BB train wreck.
falling back...
So while I did relax on Sunday had a glass of good red wine, got a pedicure, pad thai for dinner (my usual little treats condolences) I was back on it the next day. I ran an easy hour on Monday, got a sports massage on Tuesday AM and hit the track Wednesday.

I was excited because after putting Bellingham Bay in my rearview it was time to actually start work with my coach. Which means 4 days a week running, 2 cross training and 1 off for the next 4-6 weeks. The 4 days of running are never less than 8miles and always quality.

Which this looks like
M - :60 minutes easy
T: massage + :60 pilates class
W: 8 x 800s
T: eliptical + weights
F: 12 miles easy
S: x
S: :65 minutes easy + :60 pilates

M: x sick
T: 8 miles + :60 pilates class
W: 4 x (4x400) + weights (arms)
T: :60 spin class

All about getting balanced and strong, making the running days count (no junk miles) and using cross-training for additional cardio.

I should say, I did let myself use the past weekend to reset, hang out with friends and stay up too late. We went to a show on Friday night at the Showbox, then headed to our friends' cabin for the rest of the weekend.

totally using that photo as our christmas card...
the worst part is: that dog beat me at idiot... like 7 times.


  1. i am so excited for all that's in store for you sarah. it seems like you are finding BALANCE - and that is the key to success and happiness in my opinion. i just think you are going to be soaring to new heights with this new perspective and focus. i love it!! xo

  2. It looks like you had a great weekend. Your Sunday is my kind of day. Wine, pedicure, & pad thai? Yes please!


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