Going Glamping

rock water secret cove
This weekend I'm taking Owen on a belated 30th birthday getaway. A friend was raving about Rock Water Secret Cove Resort this summer after she attended a wedding there. It sounded so peaceful and remote. I didn't think I'd have any excuse to book a trip there... until Owen laid out his birthday wishes: sauna, massage, remote, getaway. Now there's a plan I can get behind.

And to be honest Rock Water wasn't my first thought. My first thought was 'glamping', ya know, glamorous camping. To Google! Of course the place I was obsessed with was much more my style, and apparently it's not my birthday, so I had to give it up. But if anyone is up for teepee sleeping, wine drinking, running, glamping getaway next summer? Let's go!

cherry wood bed and breakfast - yakima valley
is this place even real? 
After I let go of my teepee/winery dreams, I remembered Rock Water. Boom. So we're booked for a fall getaway. This includes a couple tandem bliss massage which is the only part of the whole bit I'm anxious about. I'm that person that before the masseuse leaves the room asks like 3 times, "sooo...do I take my clothes off?" "um, what about my bra?" I don't know... my conservative, anti-booty-wiggle, no-nudity, bodies-are-(somewhat)-shameful upbringing really comes out in those lavender infused massage rooms.  It's like I think the masseuse will walk back in the room and be like "OH my heavens! WHERE are your clothes? Oh, no, no, no" shake their head and leave.

Massage-nudity-anxiety aside, I'm looking forward to a beautiful long run around Halfmoon Bay.Doesn't the name just sound wonderful? Halfmoon Bay... on the Sunshine Coast.

See you next week!


  1. Glamping! How fun! I need to convince my hubs to do this.

    Also, I like the new look of the blog. Very pretty.


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