The last few weeks have brought lots of changes. Actually "brought" is the wrong word. Changes don't arrive, time doesn't deliver them. Changes are made. And they start someone with decisions. So I guess I should say, I've made a few decisions/actions over the last few weeks. 
  1. Stop talking about 'getting a coach' and actually make the connection. Even if I feel like I'm not worthy of one. 
  2. Stop talking about all the extra work I should be doing, and start doing it. 
  3. Invest in weird injury prevention thingys to facilitate this 'extra work'. (Recent Amazon purchases make it look like I'm starting a small Physical Therapy practice.)
  4. Join the gym, ya know, to get the pump Arnold style. (sort of)
  5. Start Pilates again.
All of these actions could have started with "Stop talking about..." Which doesn't mean I actually talk to people about all these things, but in my head for months I've been like, "I really should , but I'll do it because ."

I'm still having a little stutter-start because I have a half marathon on the calendar (September 30) that I have a scary goal for. And so I'm kinda, sorta tapering.

When I get that half marathon tucked away, I will start my new program. Which actually means cutting my running days back. I am only supposed to run four times a week, 2 days of cross training, and lots of supplemental work like lifting, stretching etc. Which was a little frustrating to hear, but I know it's right. It's like tennis I think... you can only go so far with a crappy swing. Eventually you'll have to optimize your form and work with a coach if you want to get to the next level. Often that means feeling like you're taking a step back before you take a big step forward.

I have to get strong and balanced before I add more work.


  1. The "get buff" plan. Need to get on that too. But on the coach thing, you are totally worthy. Even I had a coach for triathlon. Everyone needs someone telling them what to do from time to time. Takes the guessing out of it and you get do more "doing." Can not wait to cheer you on!

  2. 1. If THIS GIRL (who ran a 6:20 mile IN A RACE when you drop that like all the time) has a coach, you are definitely worthy of one.

    2. I should probably follow suit (the strong and balanced thing). So scared I will get injured doing this whole NYC marathon thing.

    3. I take it this means you have a foam roller I could maybe use while I'm in Seattle.

    4. Umm, I kind of want to cheer you on for said scary goal.

    5. Will you run with me once in Seattle? Well, I run, you walk. Cool?

  3. If I have a coach you are more than worthy to have you one speedy lady!

  4. Bring on the cha-cha-cha-changes! It's going to be an awesome 'next step' for you and I'm excited to read about it and witness it all unfold.

    And as for the 'scary goal' this weekend - you're going to kill it. Start visualizing now! Bring the mental game and the rest will follow. I know Megan and I will be out there cheering regardless!


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