Kingston reTREAT 2012

Last year I lost the last of my excuses to hide my running ambitions at the Kingston women's ReTREAT. I truly believe that weekend put the last pieces together to build the year I've had. A year where I came home to my sport and put away my reservations. I gave up my fear of failing and more importantly my fear of succeeding. I decided that whatever happens it's worth putting in all the work and throwing down on race day.

Last year, I pondered how these names and sizes come to life as multifaceted, uniquely complicated, strong women. Nothing has inspired me more than watching those women actually succeed in accomplishing the goals they shared. They completed marathons, found running buddies, climbed mountain, they encouraged each other and celebrated each other.

It's interesting how the pieces of years and life stand out clear when you take the time to look back. I see what that weekend meant even more clearly now. Here in August 2012 I am looking back now, not yet signed up for a race after Hood to Coast. Fresh off months of wedding focus, which I let myself fully enjoy and now looking ahead at the next year. What's here? And how do I find it? What goal might this weekend light inside me?


  1. good questions for anyone to ponder and to decide what are intrinsic and extrinsic goals.

    ive been thinking lately about how 1 year ago the marathon and running 3:35 was so important to me and how I built up my belief that I could run that fast. and, now, i don't care at all about the marathon. isn't that weird? how can a goal be fleeting even if you didn't achieve it?

    have fun!

  2. I've read that post before, and it still gives me tingles!

    I think goals are about more than just a single achievement. Sometimes the setting of the goal is the most important thing, and where it takes you is an unknown.


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