hood to coast with nuun

Happy Hood to Coast week!!

HTC has been on my calendar for months. There hasn't been a day I haven't thought about it with excitement, anticipation, and a dose of nerves. But now that it's really here I can't quite believe it. I feel unbelievably lucky to be a part of Nuun's well organized team. Not even lucky, more like spoiled. To be coming to Hood to Coast for the first time and not have the responsibility of assembling a team,  renting a van, finding post race accommodations, loading up on food... coordinating anything really. I just get to show up and run.
my htc legs!

I have been doing my best in this month post wedding/honeymoon to get in shape for HTC. Last week I ended up taking two rest days just to avoid going over 50 miles. Which was my goal for next week! Ahead of the game so I'm forcing my foot off the gas pedal. Better to be smart.

Week One
Mileage: 34.5 (5 days/5 runs)
Key Workout: LR 10 miles at 7:10 pace

Week Two
Mileage: 40 (5 days/5 runs)
Key Workouts: 12.5 mile LR. Track workout 4 x mile, 2 x 800

Week Three
Mileage: 46 (5 days/6 runs)
Key Workouts: 13 mile LR, Track 2 x 1.5 mile - 1 x mile, double

Week Four (this week)
Planned Mileage: 50-52 (6 days/6 runs)
Key Workouts: LR, Track, HTC (triple?)

To mentally prepare, I bought the HTC movie and watched it last week. I just needed to try and understand what I'm getting in to. Now at least I can somewhat visualize the event. Can't wait to be a part of it all and report from the road!

I also ran my first double workout since spring last Sunday, 12.5 miles at 7:30am and 4.5 miles at 10:45pm. I wanted to mimic what HTC would be like. Night running is fun, despite my intense fear of raccoons. Those things look ready to tangle.

Nuun has three teams this year - morning, noon and night. I'm team night (or team night light). We are going for the neon look, lighting up the night!
always buzzing like neon
We also have started a pretty rad Spotify playlist full of jammin' night songs! Bam! 

Anyone else doing Hood to Coast? Veterans: Advice? Newbies: Good luck to us!


  1. Love the bag! And the other stuff, too, naturally, most of which I have.

    I would say bring along jelly beans. That just seems like something I would want to eat in the middle of the night in a van.

  2. love the neon. love the play list. love that i am meeting you (and so many other amazing people) in a few days for this incredible experience. i cannot wait!

  3. You have great race outfits- neon is the way to go for sure! I would pack 3 running outfits and then put each of them in a zip lock bag to keep track of them and then you can put them bag in the bag so they don't get your other clothes icky. I would also bring gummy bears- I love eating them on relays (not sure why!).

  4. I have no great advice since I've never done it, but I'm so excited for you! It's going to be so much fun!

    Love how you bought the movie! :) I like going into things without knowing too much - I like that excitement of the unknown. Even with marathon courses, I like to know very little beforehand.

    Can't wait to hear about it!

  5. Hi Sarah! I'm Lindsey, I met you at the Oiselle run in Eugene at the trials...
    I'm running HTC as a newbie this weekend too! So excited. And I also don't have to worry about any of the planning because I'm running with a team that has done it for years. Awesome.
    Have a great time!

  6. I've only ever volunteered for HTC, but just seems like so much fun, and the scenery is awesome. If you don't already have them on your playlist, get "Rhythm of the Night" by both Corona http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3ltZmI5LQw and then DeBarge http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAQSZhazYk8
    Yay sis!

  7. I will second the plastic bag trick. After each leg I'd usually change my clothes into the next run outfit (generally done in the back seat of the van while we're off driving to the next exchange point). There will be a a pile of duffel bags in the back of the van and it will be much easier to pull out your next outfit if it is already all in one bag. Then you can put your used clothes into the bag and seal it up (tell your vanmates to do this, too, to minimize stink). Wipe down with baby wipes, then put on fresh clothes. Someone also told me to bring along a towel which you can use for modesty if you have to change in a parking lot or something like that. Have fun!

  8. Hi Sarah! I met you in the office a while back. I have no specific HTC experience but I did do the Napa to Santa Cruz relay a few years ago and all the advice I can give is to not be surprised to be amazingly, stunningly tired afterwards. It was kind of like combining marathon tired with high school sleepover tired. We RACED our relay, so I ran 3 hard legs totaling 20-ish miles and I swear it took a month to fully recover.

    All that said, it was one of the most fun things I have ever done and I would do it again in a heartbeat! Have a wonderful time!!!


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