running: the comeback plan

Owen and I got back to Seattle at 1am last Friday wearing matching Divi All Inclusive Resort Honeymoon t-shirts. When he asked the night before if we could wear them together on our travel day I assumed he was joking. Both Honeymoon tees were men's XXL. But the next morning when I went to get dressed Owen was standing there wearing his and mine was folded next to my jeans.

I firmly believe this was a marital test. A sick, twisted test to see if I would schlep around three airports in a XXL t-shirt that proclaimed 'MEGA RESORTS MAKE HONEYMOONS SIZZLE' across the front and back. The proclamation illustrated by two cartoon fish about to smooch each other on the front. On my birthday no less. We didn't really get a photo that captured the 'specialness' of my outfit that day...but based on the looks we received it was very special. I was one fanny pack away from a real hit.

modeling our honeymoon tees after opening them at divi

honeymoon tees travel from aruba to seattle

Anyway, I'm back in Seattle and on a mission to get my running legs under me. I realized the past 3 weeks of training have all been under the total mileage I will run at Hood to Coast. I've been running around 20m/week. So I have four weeks to get as injury resilient as possible, while ramping up my mileage and building speed and strength. (I sound like a Runner's World cover)

I was going to post my detailed day by day plan, but after I wrote it I realized that might be a little snoozy. So I'll try to get it out fast. Run 30 miles this week. Get back on the core work, pushups, burpees, drills... the goodies. Including doing my years of hard won physical therapy strength training exercises for my knees and back. While increasing my mileage each week: 34, 37, 42, 46. 

Also this week I am detoxing. This is the only time you'll hear about it. I can't tell you how many times I deleted the Tweet "I haven't had coffee today. Detox day two." Because who cares? I don't tell you blog about many cheeseburgers I eat (a lot) so to make the lack of food a big deal is weird. And it's boring to both of us. I'll say it's a runner friendly detox and I eat more (of the approved food) than this plan says to. Curious? It's this little detox doozy, and I've done it twice before. 

After three weeks of bacon, cheeseburgers, fried everything and countless day drinks with my only exercise being the walk from my cabana to the bar and body needs a quick reset. 

side of fries: main food group for july
pinot coaster
Getting back in fighting shape is never easy, but I'm ready for the work. T-30 days until Hood to Coast!


  1. omg those honeymoon tees are hilarious. i love that you guys wore them on the way home.
    your plan for getting ready for htc sounds great and i am so excited to meet you there! one month! woo!

  2. ha! I had to laugh at your honeymoon t-shirts! I can't believe he folded it up and put it by your jeans :) I know you think no one wants to see it, but I actually think it would be interesting to see a more detailed plan of how you plan to ramp up your mileage so quickly. I can always learn something from seeing how someone else does it! Looking forward to meeting you!

  3. Ha! I love your writing. Always worth the click when you post. First off, congrats and glad you had a good honeymoon. Sounds perfectly lazy and wonderful. I know that feeling of needing that reset. I can't believe HTC is right around the corner. After my marathon on July 4th, I've run VERY little and then I was knocked on my arse this last week due to sickness...crunch time....I like your plan. See you in a month.

  4. Those honeymoon t- shirts are hilarious! Way to be a sport and wear yours. :-)

  5. Nothing says "happily ever after" like honeymoon t-shirts.

    I want to try that detox but think I would fail miserably from 1) wanting fro-yo and 2) not being able to cook, meaning lacking kitchen skills.

    You gonna kill it Mac!

  6. "Side of Fries" is definitely a food group of it's own. Variations include regular, sweet, curly, steak, shoestring, etc...

    Welcome back to the NW!

  7. See you in Portland at HTC Mac! Hey, did you get my birds/love plaque?? Saw it and thought of you. See ya.

  8. Am I a weirdo because I think most of the recipes in that detox look really tasty?

    Not saying I usually turn down a side of fries though!


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