my belly is in runner's world!

That's my belly in RW this month!! And the coolest bag eva by Oiselle! 

Sally noticed that NYC Marathon sells those banners they use to line the streets leading up to marathon day. And she thought, I bet I could make that into a bag. She called up Alchemy Goods and voila! 

The design is Sally's, the banner is NYC's and the bag construction was done by Alchemy (local Seattle company that can make you a bag out of just about anything). 

Runner's World needed a photo the same time we were down in Eugene for Totally Trials. Which was great, because my little sis Rebekah is an amazing photog (getting her grad degree in it!) and was there with us. So we took the bag and me into a cool alley in Eugene and shot some sweet pics. Sadly my head didn't make it into the mag, but how great does the bag look!?


  1. very awesome!!! love the pics and love the bag :) so creative, meaningful and resourceful!

  2. so cool!! Are you guys going to be selling them at a booth a the NYC Marathon Expo this year?

    1. I wish! We will probably be in NYC for the marathon though. We are partnering with Christy Turlington on her Every Mother Counts project! So much AWESOMENESS!

  3. so freaking awesome. Brillz idea. major props to Sally!

  4. Great bag - and congrats to you guys for making it into Runner's World.

  5. I saw that photo in my RW last night and wondered if that was you! I love that bag- it is so freaking cool. A definite must purchase for me.


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