olympic trials!

I feel like I've won the track nerd lottery. I am here at the Olympic Trials until Saturday morning! I have been busy watching, soaking in the experience and blogging for Oiselle.com. You should follow that blog - we are going to have great photos and recaps every day. In other words, that's where my updates are going.


We're about to run out the door again to watch the 3,000m Steeple qualifiers. So I'll leave you with some quick highlights.

Meeting Amanda Bingson, Hammer Thrower headed to London

Seeing Nike HQ

Meeting Joan Benoit Samuelson and having her autograph my day 1 ticket, featuring her 1984 Olympic Marathon victory.

Watching Amy Hastings win the 10K and make her first Olympic team. I ran to lean over the rail to get a high five. I was like a total track groupie freak. I couldn't believe I was inches away from her and Shalane. AND touching their hands!!

The men's race was great too. The drama of Dathan Ritzenhein making the Olympics. He needed top three AND the A standard. The happiness and relief that came over his face was moving. 

Seeing Deena Kastor and Joanie honor the top three women in the 10k.

Hanging out with good friends, new friends and my sis!!

So much more to come and seriously check out Oiselle's blog for so MUCH GOODNESS! #totallytrials


  1. It looks like you are having an absolute fabulous time. What a great way to start the summer and see some amazing athletes so close in person. I am only a little bit jealous. :-)

  2. I am so glad you are getting to participate on such a great trip! I would love to replicate this itinerary at some time in my life... I really want to see the Nike HQ and run on the track at Hayward.

  3. i believe you might just have the best job ever. for reals. SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!

  4. This is so awesome - aaahhh! I love the photos and the posts on the Oiselle blog. Have fun!


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