nuun = winning

And the winner of a four pack of Nuun + one tube of All Day + Nuun Water Bottle is ..... Sarah (sweet and savory)! And to prove I don't just have Sarah favoritism:

Sarah, email me your address pronto and I'll get you the goods! 

Speaking of Nuun, we just got the Hood to Coast team lists! It's exciting to know who my van mates are! And way more managable to stalk 12 people, than... how ever many the whole group is. Below I have shamelessly ripped the list off the Nuun blog. 

Team Night: AfterNuun Delight

Van 1
Caroline – Canadian Runner in Exile: Legs 1, 13, 25
Lauren – Health on the Run: Legs 2, 14, 26
Vanessa – Gourmet Runner: Legs 3, 15, 27
Shanna – Smack! Media, Nuun Partner: Legs 4, 16, 28
Susan – Nurse on the Run: Legs 5, 17, 29
Robyn  - run pretty run fast: Legs 6, 18, 30

Van 2
Emily – Sweat Once a Day: Legs 7, 19, 31
Katie – Katie RUNS This: Legs 8, 20, 32
Sarah – Running Starfish: Legs 9, 21, 33
Harmony – Keep on Keeping On: Legs 10, 22, 34
Megan – Nuun Employee: Legs 11, 23, 35
Kelsey – The Go Girl Blog: Legs 12, 24, 36

And of course I checked out my 'legs'. Not sure what it all means but there is gravel possible. Sweet!


  1. only spamming you cause i think i had what looks to be the same legs during *my* first HTC in '06.

    then i had 8/20/32 in '07.

    so long as your vanmates are moderately fun, you'll have a good time. scratch that...all you need is ONE moderately fun vanmate to have fun. but you won't sleep much if at all, and you'll be internally out-of-whack all week following it. don't plan any PR performances for a few weeks afterward.


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