Win Tickets to the Olympic Track and Field Trials!

Okay I love a good contest, and Oiselle is running the mother of all track nerd contests. Win tickets for you and your best running buddy to watch 3 days of the Olympic Trials in Eugene this June! The days include the Steeple (1st and finals) the 5000m, 1500... ! So much track goodness! AND a place to stay at the Oiselle nest AND VIP tickets to the Oiselle Track and Fun party featuring MC Hammer. YES! Friggin' Olympic Track mania AND MC Hammer!! 

Oh and Oiselle will fly you and your buddy there. Seriously, the best contest. 
these tickets give me chills!!
To win you just have to pick your best running buddy (that's the hardest part) and create an application. I'm not allowed to apply, being a Oiselle employee/model/blogger/runner/lifer but I can't stop brainstorming how I'd enter if I could. 

Get out your rubber cement and all those running mags you have laying around. And get to clipping! Who are women that inspire you? Whether they are in the trials or now, clip 'em! Paste 'em! Go USA!
seriously old magazines for oly trials dreams? perfect trade.

Get on the track
Get on the track with your buddy, or splice them into your video. Enact some of the events you're looking forward to, throwing the hammer gets you extra points. Or make them run and enjoy a beverage; show Oiselle what a real spectator is made of. 

Make cheer signs and accost strangers
Show how effing amped you'd be for the trials. Make awesome signs, get your buddy to video tape and go cheer for random runners around your town.

Get ready
Show your spectator training! How are you preparing to perform at your top spectator level for three days of sun, track and fun? 

The contest ends on 29th so you have all Memorial Day Weekend to get your entry in!! 

this could be YOU!!


  1. I will definitely show you what a real spectator is made out of....well, it will be my first track meet ever (weird, huh?), but I figure I have the experience and the enthusiasm. I expect to make the front page of the newspaper with my cheering skills.

    Also, can we buy Oiselle clothes at the Trials? Take them from the models?

  2. Can't touch this.

    Time to put on my contest cap :)


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