she's a hurricane

Did I tell you? I'm getting married in 37 days in Vermont. Yes. I live in Seattle. But my parents are born Vermonters. Well, my dad is. 4th or 5th generation. My mom is only 1st generation so Vermonters don't count her. They live in Massachusetts now, where I spent my childhood on and off. Long story for another day. 

Owen is from Tacoma. It's a bi-coastal love affair. I can't even tell you the communication confusion early on. East Coast ladies and N. West Coast dudes speak completely different languages. But now we have a good translation dictionary to help us. Handwritten. Maybe we should publish it?

Anyway, we are getting married in Vermont for many reasons. It's my soul's home (yes, I'm down with that hippie stuff). And because when I took Owen there three years ago, after spending the day swimming in the river, lolling around fields and stealing hot, plump July strawberries we both agreed if we got married we'd do it in Vermont. In a field. Under a mountain. And we'd throw our wedding party in a barn. 

Here are some pictures of said romantic trip, three years ago. Literally to the date the weekend we'll be getting married this summer. 

cows are terrible strawberry guards
they'll never catch this strawberry thief

strawberry fields made possible with color swap camera tricks (and pink nail polish)
I wish we could have booked the von trapp chapel
the hills are alive!!!
Recently the bridal bonanza has been ramping up. Including two bridal showers in one weekend (May 19 + 20). And the meeting of the parents. It all went well! Phew. 

mac parents have landed

my dad's iPad camera. subtle.
Of course I needed to test my stress and sanity limits during this already hurricane-level-emotion filled weekend. So I signed up to chase some Nordstrom dollar bills at Beat the Bridge (gun time 8:30am, bridal shower in Tacoma start time 11am)

picking up my number after Saturday bridal shower 
Sunday AM: questioning my sanity

snagging the last of the cash by the skin of my teeth (8k in 28:03) I couldn't find my extra gear I think it fell off somewhere along the course. someday I will have a kick. thank gawd for the blur on this one. I know what my face was doing: ARGHARGH!

now for the race to tacoma for Sunday bridal shower! (red faced and make-up-less, nice)
In the midst of something so exciting, foreign and full of change (marriage and planning a wedding across the country) it's "nice" to feel the familiar pain of racing. Running has always been where I sort through my hurricane brain.

Maybe I should race right up to the alter on July 7th in the running wedding dress... 


  1. YAY Vermont for the win! I love it here. I have often thought of moving away but at the end of the day Vermont has everything for me. It's true what they say, there is no place like home. Vermont is definitely my home. Where are you getting married? Trapp?

    1. Lord I WISH, Trapp Family is a bit out of my range :) I'm getting married at Boyden Barn in Cambridge.

  2. Pictures made me realize I miss "nature," -- and no, New Yorkers, Central Park doesn't count (although I do love central park)

  3. Love your long sleeve yellow top. Please please don't tell me it's "old" Oiselle style no longer available.????
    Congrats on your big weekend! Hope the craziness was worth it :)

    1. It's worse than that... that color is NEVER TO BE MADE. Gasp! Just got samples... but it will come in three other fabulous colors.

  4. love the vermont pics. i’ve been dying to go there. one day. one day. :)

  5. My family is Vermonter from way back as well. I love it there (and will be there next weekend for a family reunion in fact) and wish I could go more often...
    37 days - enjoy the final month leading up to the wedding!

  6. I think a Vermont barn wedding is an awesome idea :) We are doing a barn thing, too. Just read the coment on the long sleeve top -- CAN'T WAIT FOR THE STRIPEY LONG SLEEVE TOP!!!!!!!

  7. Vermont is lovely. I am sure your wedding will be beautiful and amazing :)

  8. I'm ready to celebrate! Love you Sarah.


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