i love my mama

I'm off to camp at Maryhill this weekend with Owen. One last weekend of hanging out stressfree before plunging into the last crazy (fun) weeks before our July nuptials in Vermont. 

As you know Sunday is mama day!! So here's a little running love letter to my fast, strong mama on Oiselle's running blog. Plus a contest to win matching tees for you and your mom! 
mac mama

mac mini

Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm new to your blog but am LOVING it. Also I get really excited when people mention my small state that I live in, Vermont. Such an amazing place. Hope you have beautiful vermont weather for your summer wedding!

    1. Welcome! Vermont is easily the best state in the whole USA ;) both my parents were born and raised there. And most everyone still lives there. In Seattle I represent with my classic 'ilovermont' bumpersticker. Loving your blog too! Maybe meet up for a run in July? :)

  2. Cute! I started running with my Mom and have some rad retro running pics as well! It's a beautiful thing:)

  3. I love those pics!!! you are getting married! congratulations!

  4. really love your post on Oiselle's blog

  5. cool picture of your mom running --- and your rad kiddie kicks! I'm glad my mom was athletic and wanted us to do sports, too.


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