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I ran for the first time since Eugene on Saturday (5 days off) and my calves were like concrete by mile 3. I took it easy, enjoyed the views around Alki, stretched from time to time. I know that it's not uncommon to need a solid week off after a big race, but I think I could minimize the 'come back' discomfort.

I never have a recovery plan after a race. I only have a celebration plan. But lately my race feels like the celebration, and I want to race more. Rather than put everything on two races a year, then take weeks months off to sloth around why not get a few more good races in?

Next time I cross an important finish line, I'll have a recovery drink, an ice bath and/or a massage scheduled. And make sure I roll and stretch throughout the next few days. Then I'll sit around and eat fried food and have drinks. Because that's important too.

How do you recover/celebrate after a race? Do you think about races as part of a bigger season or does each stand alone?


  1. Beer and french fries is usually a must after a race. And pizza. But gosh I wish I wouldn't have underestimated the recovery needed after Boston. Even though it was a slow as heck time, I didn't really realize how much of a toll that heat and running for that long had on my body. After training runs, I drink a recovery drink, take an ice bath, eat a big bowl of quinoa/spinach/beans, stretch, get off my feet, etc. I should do this after a big race too but I haven't been so smart after races. And I'm paying for it now. I used to bounce back so much quicker. But now that I'm 33, my body is definitely telling me that I need to do more to recovery and take care of my body (besides good beer). :)

    Hope you get a few more races in during the year! So much in store for you. It will be exciting to watch from blog land. xo

  2. i usually start with endurox recovery drink, an ice bath, then a beer (or bloody mary) and a burger. favorite post race food. this year i focused on my marathon with lots of 1/2s in between and ran them more for fun. not sure how to approach the fall yet. i also live in my compression shorts and sleeves the afternoon of the race. and use the foam roller and the stick. i might be a little crazy though :) i hate pain.

  3. celebrate? food - froyo, pastry, pancakes, cupcakes -- something along those lines...something unhealthy, sugar-y, etc...

    That's so great that you're so excited to race again - a true test that you're back in the game. You go girl.

    I'm not that excited about my 10K this weekend - don't know why. Maybe because it's not the 5K? Maybe because I'm putting too much pressure on myself? Hm...


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