two weeks until eugene

Two Weeks Peak Plan

Here we go! Two weeks left in this 12 week training cycle. My goal of sub 1:20 is pretty durn lofty considering my PR is 1:21:43, but if you don't try... right? 

After the 5 mile race where my side stab nearly took me out, I finally admitted that I'm still allergic to grass. And that allergy still causes my asthma. Spring has always been terrible for me as the fresh cut grass lines every track and road race out there. Since the race I've been on two inhalers and one old perscription of Singular. I hope that can keep the breathing in the normal pain range and less in the hyper-ventilate at 3 miles pain range. 

So far I feel good, one more week of decent mileage, then I'll dip down next week. 


  1. You can do it girl! I don't think 1:43 off your PR is lofty at's very very attainable!

  2. I'd say that at that speed, you can shave that amount off--can't wait to see what you do!

  3. Congrats on Nuun HTC. I'll be in Eugene this weekend cheering loudly. Perhaps i'll see you. Good luck! And I loved the video on your last post.


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