The Tulip Run 2012 Confusion

This morning I woke up to sunshine! Yes, here in Seattle. The drive to Burlington Washington was beautiful. Mist skirting the mountains, the wide open fields. Good music on the radio.

I got to Burlington and parked, hit the porta, grabbed my number, came back to my car to pin it on, realized I had no pins, went back to check-in, hit the porta again, back to car, warm-up...You know, the typical. Met Megan from Club NW, who warned me of a wicked headwind on the home stretch. True.

5 minutes late the 5 miler race went off. My first mile was 5:15 pace eeeeeeeck. First woman, top 8 man, no one in sight behind. Tried to smooth out, relax, concentrate on my race not the dudes in front of me. Hit 2 miles and realized I had a 5k to run, questioned my choice of sport. Side cramp (that jerk) hits, think: breath, breath, breath, don't drop out. 4 miles catch the dude in front of me, ride it out. FINISH! 29:47

Now the fun starts, well after the 4 mile cooldown with new friend Megan. The race results are all effed. They call out a Mimi as the winner, she takes the prize, even though she knows full well she was 5th. I'm called 2nd. Err? I point out as I glance at the results while accepted 2nd (WTF-stay cool) that they are wrong. Of course there is suspicion of me because I reek of 5mile -race -looting. Whatever. All the over-alls are announced wrong. Confusion ensues, Megan (2nd place) defends me, I defend her place... it's a hubbub. You can imagine. You come to run a race and be respected for your finish. But instead you are caught in a very awkward situation where you now have to defend your finish.

That said, I'm not mad at the race organizers, they did the best they could, which wasn't great because of some flub in timing somewhere. I am upset that women were accepting awards they know didn't earn. It's not confusing, you weren't first. You saw at least three chicks pass your booty. I know it's not fun, but... hello, admit you didn't earn your prize. Very strange attitudes.

This situation put a damper on what was a good day. To close, I'll hit some high-notes: I have the course record, unannounced (thanks Mimi) and a strong race behind me. I doubt I'll trek back to the Tulip Run, but Eugune lies ahead. And the weirdness of the race results lead me to meet new people.

*it appears the Tulip Run results were figured out, I wonder if Mimi and Stacy feel odd for accepting 1st and 3rd over all?


  1. First off, happy to find your blog. Loved your HTC video! Awesome race here. So fast! Frustrating about the results but glad they were figured out. This would have been so weird. Yay for Sunshine in the Pacific Northwest. Today too (at least in Portland)!

  2. knew you were gonna CR. even called it via a comment that was either never approved or failed to go through. nice day of work, acknowledged or not! i'm guessing it'll stand for a few years at least, esp since they didn't seem to successfully woo you back. maybe next time don't wear the "i go to small race award ceremonies and see how many people i can fool into thinking i won said race." tech shirt?

    in all seriousness, with about 97% certainty, my eugene prediction is:
    1:18:45 (but be sure not to wear that shirt!)

  3. #winning. WHO IS TRYING TO STEAL YOUR THUNDER?!? Not cool.

    I will be cheering you on from well, well behind you at Eugene. You will have cool down, showered, and eaten by the time I've finished. That is my prediciton.

    I gotta figure out how to get the little Oiselle graphic on my blog....

  4. Thanks guys! I am not sure my 5 miler predicts 1:18:45 but hell, I'll take it. I would be on cloud 9 for years, literally years, with a PR like that under my belt.

  5. Awesome time! I have had my share of race result flubs, and it kind of ruins it for you. Good luck in your next race!

  6. That is some kind of flub and holy balls you be fassssst sarah! If someone called my name out as first, which would OBVIOUSLY be a mistake... no way I'd take some other gal's prize. I bet Mimi feels like a chump now.

  7. I just found your blog via links in a few Eugene posts!

    That is a pretty massive fail with the results. Having said that, I sometimes win a place (if no one else shows up), and in most races I have no clue who is ahead of me. It obviously depends on the course - if it's an out and back it's easier to tell, but quite often I'll finish and then the results will be a surprise. I always just assume the organisers get it right - which obviously doesn't always happen!


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