Nuun Hood to Coast Application

Nuun Hood To Coast Application

And in case you weren't convinced I'll just break it down for you.

Why you should put me on the team:


  1. GREAT app! Nuun absolutely needs to place you on one of their teams. And clearly you need Hood to Coast ... for your little "problem" ;)

  2. I found your entry through a YOUTUBE search and girl you are some kind of funny. Love it! I entered too! Hopefully, I'll get to see how well you sit in your seat. lol

  3. Oh you are too awesome. love this. love love love.

  4. I want you to know, that yours is my favorite application. I applied too. AND if I get picked to do hood to Coast. I want to sit in your van and eat bagels. come check out my blog!

  5. you are officially on my nuun hood to coast dream team. Just sayin. :)

    great videos!

  6. Love it! So glad that you know where the door is to a van and how to sit in a van. That will come in super handy :)


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