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I don't really know the rules of blogging. Isn't there a day called like "Things that make me happy Tuesday" or something? Probably. I don't have the capacity or desire to keep all that hallabaloo straight so here's three things that = sunshine/kitten/happiness on the internet and in my life.

1. Richard Simmons on Facebook. Seriously, go like him. Your life will be infinitely more sparkely.
Thanks to Miss Meehan for this life tip.
Seriously where does he get those outfits?

2. Video Blog! We're bringing the vlog to and it's already so much fun.

3. My little brother might be flying out from Vermont for the Oiselle Olympic Trials party! I can't wait to give more details on that event. But I get to walk my first 'catwalk' for the Fall 2012 fashion show!

There ya have it. Happy weekend!


  1. Love the faces of pain. I am guilty of many of them, typically an "ahh, I'm running too fast, mommy help this is to far, why do I do this to myself, i hate my life" pain face.

  2. Too too creative. I have long loved Oiselle, and am impressed to see what a speedster and entertaining character is behind the marketing of the company. Your nuun teammate Marjorie led me here ;)


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