dress rehearsal

The Eugene Half is on the 29th (holy shrimp, how is it April?!) so I needed to find tune up 10k this weekend. Turns out... this weekend is Easter. So not much is shakin' in the running world. There was one 10k in Grey's Harbor and one in Lacey. They both looked like more of a 'fun run' so I kept searching.

What I found was a 5 mile in Burlington WA. The Tulip Run. I was sold by the fierce pictures from last year on the race's home page. Including a shot of a Club NW gal. Notoriously fast group. I want to feel a slight amount of fear as I line up. That's a good dress rehearsal. Since the pressure is on at Eugene.

And best of all my tune up plan of getting a PR is going to come true! Automatically. Because, well, I haven't run a 5 mile race since 8th grade. And I hope I can beat my 8th grade self. That puny little banana peel.

Honestly I wanted to see if I could break 35 in the 10k, but I'm going to pretend this is all according to plan. Because at 24 days out that's what you do.


  1. 5 milers are fun! sounds like you'll be having a PR party! the best kind. Good luck!


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