it's something you can't wash off

Running is taking over my life. News since last I was here is that I have my first elite enty (read: free and pressure filled) to Eugene Half Marathon. I can't wait. Or ... I can because I still have some track work to get done. Basically when I'm not running I'm working and thinking about when I'm going to run next. Or I'm sleeping. Or eating bagels.

It should be said that I try to get it together and be a normal person once in awhile. Take a shower, put on mascara, wear heels. Or at least sneaker wedges.

One such morning is summarized here in a text with my friend Connie. I'm green and using voice text, Siri isn't good with punctuation.

To prove the existance of my non-running life, here is the outfit out and about on St. Paddy's day:
I look on awaiting my turn to fail at darts. This picture also proves it's time to visit 7 Salon soon. But I'll probably be running instead.


  1. Congrats on the elite entry! Good luck. Loved the text.

  2. Heehee! It certainly does have a way of taking over! ;) Excellent news about the elite entry! That is awesome!


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