the weekend edition : no rain

Saturday morning I woke up at 6:45a to get my miles in before I had to be at Oiselle to run the last day of the our warehouse sale with Kristin. I'd be lying if I said as really excited to be up early on a Saturday, but as soon I saw the sky begin to lighten I knew I had a sunrise to race. And just where I wanted to be to see it.
Well actually it was between the Magnolia bluffs and the waterfront. By the time I hit Dravus I knew where I could make it in time.

My phone doesn't do it justice of course. But to be one of three people to catch the start of the surprise spring day we had on Saturday was worth the early alarm.

Then it was off to the warehouse sale (20 minutes of parking spot searching - nothing like Green Lake on a sunny weekend in Seattle.) Allison, Kristin and I has a great time shooting the breeze with each other and all the runners that came in. Below a customer (Jen) matched Kristin and Allison in their indigo Green Lake sweatshirts. Fitting.

Sunday I was up with the sun again. Ran 13.5 with Sally and the Elizabeths. Lesko joined us for the last four. Then Owen and I headed south to watch the Super Bowl with his family. I found this adorable owl beer at Whole Foods as my treat.

What a game! Sad to see the Pats lose, but it was a solid game and even lady Madonna put on the best half time show I've seen in years. (not tacky-just entertaining) Despite her terrifying arms.

How was your weekend?


  1. Wish I could've made the warehouse sale, sounds like it was a huge success!

    The weekend here was full of sniffles, sneezes, and a lot of lounging around in pj's.

    LOVING this weather though!!


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