Houston There It Was

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be in Houston watching the Olympic Trials Marathon live. In person. I keep trying to find the right way to describe the feeling of being there. Being on the sidelines of the sport I love, at the height of competition. Not watching its shaky, 3 hours late coverage on TV. But right there. Fingers laced through the fence lining the starting line. Hearing the National Anthem, the gun go off, the cheers rip through the morning air. Joining the stampede of spectators chase the racers from point to point, cameras and signs in hand. Just getting swept up in all the excitement and beauty of the marathon.

And I got to meet Desiree Davila. Completely starstuck.


  1. so awesome!! i'm sure you made memories you will cherish forever.

  2. That is beyond cool!! Frame those pictures asap ;)


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