Houston Here I Come!!

I just got the feeling. The buzz of travel! My flight to Houston is hours away. I am going to watch the Olympic Trials Marathon!!! (*freak out*happy dance*thanks oiselle!)

My two favorite running bags in the world are packed and ready.
(One I thought would be my last running bag ever, I was so sad. And Oiselle the rebirth of running happiness.)

Follow my Twitter for all as many updates as I can manage. I even got the new iPhone 4s in time - yay video and such!

My twitter: @threestarfish
Oiselle Twitter: @oiselle


  1. Have an amazing time! we are all sooooooooooo jealous! take pics of EVERYTHING! =)

  2. ahhhhhh so incredibly awesome! i will be living vicariously through all weekend. cannot wait to read your updates and hear all about it!! have fun!!

  3. So jealous, hope you had a great time!


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