Saturday, July 30, 2011

Everybody's Running for the Weekend

I signed up for the Columbia Gorge half marathon. It is 12 weeks away. Yes, I signed up over a week before the event. Giving myself adequate time to freak out, get injured...TRAIN!

Not only that but I'm running it with a great group of girls. So far Deana, Ashley, Sarah, Megan, and Becky have signed up.

In other good news we have broken free of the gloom for a few days here in Seattle. I took my bebe Hyundai in for its 30K checkup this morning (my Prada budget is blown again). Then got out in that sun to work on my miles and my freckles.

I ran 5 miles then rode bikes downtown with O. We enjoyed the Sculpture Park and happy hour at one of the waterfront hotels. Ahhh Saturday.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Oh mama!

Blogging rut! No time! Too much to say! Blaaaaaah!
Alright so now that I've gotten that out of my system. Hello starfish blog, lets do this.

Oiselle is busy! So busy! Fall 2011 is arriving (must. stop. shopping. warehouse.) The line is "can't get it out of my head" exciting. Can't wait to share more. To tide you over, here is a somewhat creepy of me and Sally posing with 'collapsible shoulders' our quietest office mate. And the tees are up, shop on sista!

Mama! My mom came on an impromptu visit from Mass for my birthday last week. She cheered me on to a birthday PR in the half marathon (check that off the ol list). We went rollerblading, played in Leavenworth and generally tried to make the best of some misty/rainy/sunny/chilly July days.

I turned 28 and had a super emotional encounter with a berry filled cupcake at Bastille. (Thanks O)

Did I mention birthday pr? Cha-ching 1:26:24 half marathon, next stop dedicated training to a sub 1:25.

Alright, caught up enough to sleep well tonight (finally).

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vacation Running

I love running in a new place. Love it. I'm 100% boring when running at home. Same 5 miler, same 11 miler, same old, saaaame old. So getting out of my prescribed routes is always inspiring.

Summer trips are the perfect time to get out and have new running adventures. It's a great way to get to know the place you're visiting. You see more than you would walking or driving. It's the perfect 'take it all in without boredom' pace. Plus you're getting your workout done. Win. Win. Wine. I mean win. But you can also enjoy wine after without any lingering guilt.

Two summers ago I enjoyed a long run at Sun Lakes. Along with many other destination runs getting ready for Chicago. (Cannon Beach, Dash Point...)

Last weekend we headed off to Maryhill State Park where I put in a hilly 5 miler.

first i passed rows of tempting cherry trees

sassy fruit billboards, hello orange!

a church built long ago

all before i climbed the winding hill that brought me here

i headed back down to enjoy more relaxing
and by "relaxing" i mean burgers