Saturday, April 30, 2011

Eugene Marathon Expo Day One: Compression Socks, Celebs, Free Dessert

I'm in Eugene for the very first time! Cruised into town on Thursday evening. #1 stop: food at at co-op. #2 stop: run to Hayward Field. Hope for goosebumps.

The run to Hayward Field ended in my taking a wrong turn and seeing the student tennis courts. Then looping around and trying to avoid skateboarders as I sneaked a peek at the historic track.

I'll see it Sunday, when I line up for the half. Wooo!

I'm down here to represent Oiselle (tweet tweet!) at the Eugene Marathon expo. Day one was a little slow, but I had fun running around the expo trying to find food and feeling stalkerish in my love for Lauren Fleshman and Stephanie Rothstein. Super fast runners, plus entrepreneurs. Could I be more in love? Nope. They started Picky Bars! I am a 'Picky Eater' for sure. These bars are gluten and dairy free, but super delicious. Love.

Since I'm running on Sunday after standing around for two days at the expo I turned the one and only Sally Bergesen for advice. Guru Sally said "Compression Socks", Guru Sarah Lesko said, "Compression Socks!" So compression socks I have. I think they helped yesterday. I'm about to go out for a "jiggle jog" with Larisa so we'll see. I've been having dead legs all week. But as I say about the Eugene half, "It's about the pancakes, and the track." In it for the fun and the food as usual.

Of course I went out to grub last night. Found a funky fusion restaurant then ate dessert at the Sweet Life. While standing in line the dude behind the counter was like, "Whoever does a peace sign first wins..." I didn't hear what but I flashed my peace sign as fast as lightening. I love to WIN! It was a cheesecake cupcake. Yum. Two desserts for me.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

This weekend began my mini taper for the Eugene half. It was nice to have an easy 9 on Sunday. I'm not sure what to expect in Eugene. I'm working the Oiselle booth the two days prior. My first experience working an expo. It's nice to take the edge of the race, but at the same time I wish I was focused on Sunday's performance. Which is why I'll be signing up for another 13.1 this summer and hopefully sticking to my smart plan of using Sunday as a tempo.

This weekend was Easter and full of birthdays! Owen's mom and sister were both born on April 24, and my mom's birthday is the 25th. Of course my mom is across the country in Massachusetts; I have missed her birthday for years now. Bad! But it's always fun to celebrate with the Robinsons. I'm starting to think of the 24th and 25th as Christmas in April!

We started off the celebration on Friday night, coloring eggs with Jane. We used ties (the whole time they were talking about this I thought they were saying Thai). You just wrap the eggs in silk ties, boil as usual and unwrap to reveal tie-dyed eggs.

The next day we were off to Olympia for treats at Anna's! Then we rode our sugar high down the hill to watch the Procession of the Species!!

(yes this is all for me.)

The Procession of the Species is just what it sounds like. Animals! People! Spiders! Mermaids! Zombies?! Come as you are, species.

What a happy birthday weekend! And Easter too!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Things I Learned at My First Trail Run

I raced the Soaring Eagle 10 miler last Sunday. It was my first trail run/race. I didn't know what to expect. I had some preconceived notions. Like, I'd probably see a lot of minimalist shoes (didn't expect to see sandals). It would be laid back (it was - started a little late). I'm no stranger to trail running, but aside from high school cross country with its dips into thick Massachusetts woods, I hadn't raced trails.

Things I Learned

1. A Garmin (or GPS watch) is key gear. We were running blind, no mile markers. I tucked behind a dude with a Garmin for a bit around mile 2, but that was the last time I knew where I was. Hard to know which gear to engage when things are taking longer (think rivers, mud to the ankles, branches and twists) and you don't know if you have 3, 8 or 5 miles left.

2. Trail running shoes are 'needed' in sloppy conditions. My shoes so covered in mud, that a week later when I take my shoes off my socks are brown. The traction would be so helpful too. Slipping and sliding is very hard on ankles and knees.
3. I need to start doing the ankle alphabet. My ankles were weaklings! I turned them so many times I kept looking down expecting to see them swollen to grapefruit size. I did have to take 3 days off due to a slight sprain. Couldn't put any pressure on it for a day and a half.

4. Stu
dy the map before you set off. It was hard to navigate when I was in no man's land between two groups. I had to wait a few times for the group behind me to catch up so I could verify the course. I wouldn't have been a happy bunny if I had been taking it super serious.

5. Trail running is fun! I love running because it's like being a kid again. Free flying, spinning around corners, getting muddy, sweaty and out of breath. Woo hoo! Sign up for a trail race, and may you enjoy drier condition than we had. But that's Washington, right?

6. There will be good grub - like homemade organic veggie soup, brownies, pizza.. I'm in it for the food.

7. Oh, and the prizes are amazing.

For a list of great trail runs in Washington state check out Evergreen Trail Runs and 4th Dimension Racing.