Monday, March 28, 2011

care package from the little sister

Friday I got two surprises in the mail. One was less of a surprise since I ordered it myself. But a care package from the little sister was a big surprise. She raced at Stanford this weekend and I was planning on watching before tickets got out of control. She ran the 5,000 in 16:52. Sick.

The goraw cookies were delish, but I can't say that they gave me 'nice doodies' as she promised. Not that I'm going to discuss my doodies here. Well I'll try not to. A blog about running will eventually have to at some point though.

Friday, March 18, 2011

polar bear in a tub

You know what takes the pain out of a post long run ice bath? Photography fun! (and a mini mug of mulled wine).

My thoughts on ice bath adventures at Oiselle's Running Blog...

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Yesterday morning I had to stop 3 blocks into my morning run. Sharp pain shot through my knee, dull through the middle and sharp out the other side. Stabbing. I was discouraged. I watched another runner across the street charging up the hill in the morning wind and spitting rain. And I felt a familiar jealousy. She could run, and I was walking home.

Injury, or the threat of injury, brings the love of running into full blinding focus. It's all I can see. I tried not to get down, I'm no stranger to injury after all(3 knee repairs, 3 broken vertebrae, a broken toe...) I took The Stick to work and rolled out my IT band. I stretched.

I lead my running club just fine (after a half hour warm up). Post run I joined the Wednesday night yoga. The instructor asked us to dedicate this workout to something as we sat cross legged after a warm up. Eyes closed I thought, "healing" "fix". But my whole body was saying "Thankful". I touched my knee and thought "Thankful". My legs have carried me. They are strong and young. I love them. Every scar. Every scrap of cartridge. I love my lungs and heart and breath and my toes even when they cramp. I love all my bones under my skin. I love. I am thankful.

Today on my run this song reminded me to be thankful for my days on the earth. With the wind at my back and the soft spring ground.