Running Group Lovefest

My first running group was my cross country team. I met them when I was in 7th grade attending a small school in western Massachusetts. We needed all the people we could get so I was allowed on the varsity team. It was a huge honor for me. I remember every pancake breakfast, apple run (when we'd run to get cider from the local orchard), movie days after Saturday meets... just getting to hang out with SENIORS. I was pretty shy most of the time. But eager to be a part of everything. As hugely evidenced in the photo above. Clearly hanging on every word.

These days I have the most amazing running group again. Two actually! I have TMNR (the monday night run) that Oiselle hosts with Super Jock n Jill. I get to run with Megan of Daily Sweat and Allison, and new friends every week.

My Tuesday track workouts for the last 10 weeks have been done with Sally and Sarah. I wouldn't have lasted through all those mile repeats without them. Seriously. It's amazing what your group can pull you through.

To honor the beautiful running group relationship, Oiselle is holding a contest to hook up your running group with Start Line running tees. To enter to win all you have to do is introduce them to your running group.

To Enter the Running Group Lovefest Contest:
  1. Your name, your running group's name (don't have one? dream one up!)
  2. Where are you from?
  3. Tell us about the group! (Do you do track workouts, track, easy, long, are you training for the same race...)
  4. Post-run fun! What do you do together once the workout is in the bank?
Send answers to or post on their Facebook wall. Read more about the contest at the Oiselle Running Blog.


  1. i'm guessing from the sleeves/cut of that shirt that my bro-riffic group of 2-3 can sit this one out, huh? :)


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