it's all happening - halloween

Owen's band is playing at show tonight. Halloween weekend. A group of friends are coming to show and going out after. I like to dress up for Halloween. Mostly as Margot Tenenbaum. But I can't find a fur coat. I had to part with the last one I had. It was real fur, I found it at the Salvation Army. I miss it. Sometimes you have to get rid of things when you are young apartment dweller. By sometimes, I mean always.

Trying to find anything as fabulous to be as Margot, I thought of Penny Lane and Valaree. Valaree is Perfect Weather's lead singer's lovah and my friend. We always joke that we are groupies... I think you see where I'm headed. I texted her, she was immediately in. So I started looking for inspiration. Penny Lane. Another of my all time favorite characters.
That jacket, those boots. If I had both... I would never take them off.

So far I have a back up shirt (a light scarf I plan to make into a top) a brown corduroy skirt that reminds me of her leather one, vintage Dexter boots (that I wear in 'real-life), a vintage 70s jacket that reminds me of something Stevie Nicks would rock, and I'm going to make 'VIP passes' to wear.
Are you going out for Halloween? Dish on your costume!


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