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Last year I started reading a blog by Lauren Fleshman, appropriately titled: Ask Lauren Fleshman. I think I stumbled upon it Googling something about running. After reading a few entries I was hooked.

Lauren is a professional runner, but the way she writes about the sport is applicable and accessible to everyone. It's a refreshing, exciting point of view. I have come to see that running is, by nature, highly accessible to people of all levels, speeds and backgrounds. She's able to show that in words in a way I haven't seen before. Words like "bomb-diggity".

Anyway, I starting following her. What she was up to in the racing world (at that time she was recovering from a nagging injury so not so much racing...) but also the world of women entrepreneurs. Something I've been more obsessed with more than running since I schemed my first business concept around 1st grade. Hello, "Blue Skies, French Fries"* could have been huge. Huge!

She and fellow runner Stephanie Rothstein started making Picky Bars, an energy bar for endurance athletes. They are gluten and dairy free and have an optimal carb to protein ratio for endurance energy. Yum. (You may remember how excited I was to meet them at the Eugene Marathon expo.)

And now she has yet another project: Believe I Am, training journals for women runners. This time she teamed up with Roisin McGettingan. I've been writing my workouts in Vermont Life calendars for over a decade, but I think I'm ready to change. The Believe I Am training journal incorporates goal visualization, advice from pro endurance athletes, cool sketches that have hidden power words, a journal...everything you need to build a solid plan to achieve your goals. And to keep you accountable for your goals.

I sound like some crazed Lauren Fleshman bot, but I'm just really excited by what she's up to and sister friend it's time you heard about it. She's on the cover of your Runner's World this month too... :)

*if you'd like to hear more about Blue Skies, French Fries and how you can become a partner please contact me directly. I have drawn up a detailed business plan in crayon.


  1. Look no further. First investor in Blue Skies, French Fries right here.

    Thanks for the bomb-diggity (too predictable?) product reviews and the nice things you said about me. I'll give you your $50 later. Just messin.
    Great to know you are enjoying your training diary. It really was a labor of love by Ro and I, and we hope its a great tool to bring out 100% of the bad-ass in you! ;)


  2. I love this idea! I am going to have to get one for myself. And my gosh, you guys are all so inspiring on so many levels. I think you're right - running is an incredibly accessible sport no matter what level you are at. I find that there is so much I can learn from and so much I can relate to when reading the blogs of runners at all levels. Yet another reason I love the sport so much! Thanks for this and all your posts - I'm a new follower and love it!

  3. Lauren - thanks again!

    Jessica - wow what a compliment, thanks for reading along. I'm reading your blog too :)

  4. I'm literally obsessed with mine and can't wait to fill it out with what I did in Orlando when I get back to NYC, which has included sweating far too much for how far I'm running with the humidity down here.


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