Smile with your Eyes

Every day for the past year I've been secretly auditioning to be a model. Not just any model. A Oiselle model. I've shown Sally my range of talent from day one. Liiike foam roller air guitar. No bites! Clearly Sally needed more. So day after day I struck my sauciest poses. Until finally I made my intentions clear: She called my agent. A second number I answer myself in a thick Boston accent as Debbie. And finally my dreams came true.

The first shoot was early this summer. Needless to say I was nervous. I wanted to impress. But as you can see, I couldn't relax. I tried to think of what the greats recommend... "Smile with your eyes" and of course come up with a signature look (like Blue Steel or La Tigra). Turns out Blue Steel wasn't a great look for me. But even though I'm no Derek Zoolander or Tyra - my faux modeling career has been a lot of fun. We did a shoot this weekend in the Sculpture Park downtown. I can't wait to see the photos.

I also coordinated the wardrobe for the shoot.

my new favorite vest: the gilman vest

We also had the modeling help of Audra. She was a TOTAL natural. (seen in Burke Jacket)


  1. I'm pretty sure youre in some of the current pictures on the website, right?! Those look awesome. I'm still trying to perfect "smeyezing" as Tyra says it - smiling with your eyes. Not much success. I guess I'll have to keep watching a lot of America's Next Top Model. If you ever need a general smiler, I can do that!

  2. That vest is hot! (Although it means cold weather, which I'm refusing to think about a mere week into summer.) Looking forward to seeing your Fall 2013 looks (both facial expressions and clothes).


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