Cha Cha and ....

Hot cha cha! And some not so hot cha cha... maybe something that rhymes with cha cha.

Last Friday Sally, Sarah and I had one of those workouts that you never want to remember. A tempo run in a frying pan of heat and pain. Awful. I won't bore you with the gory details but... my breathing and everything was great but something else was a-brewin'. Sally dropped off the tempo, then Sarah, then I ended it in a bike shop bathroom with a toilet that wouldn't flush. Errr...I think the fastest I moved was ducking out of that situation. Sorry dudes.

Post workout I took a shower in the shoe closet at Super Jock n Jill (there's a bathroom back there). My life is glam. Then Owen and I took off for Whidbey Island for a couple days of eating, drinking and enjoying the last of summer with 20 friends.

The house we all rented was absurd. ABSURD. It was like a house that ate two other houses to make mega-beach-house. Dave, who booked the whole place for us, got food and liquor at cost so we had quite the spread. The first night there we all sat on the deck, just watching the salmon jump and the sun set over the mountains. Yes, that's a real sentence. It was amazing.

A couple friends are runners so I dragged them on my training runs, luckily it was an easy 3 and an easy 10. (Muhaha) I don't know how my short long run keeps landing where I need it but I'm happy! We ran out and back over Deception Pass. Felt great.

I don't typically take my camera on runs, but going across Deception Pass had to be an exception.


  1. Oooh. I'm jealous. That looks fab-u-lous. Need to get the deets on the house for future...

  2. Wow. Super cool. Can you share the address of the rented beach house with me?


  3. I know the house is crazy. It's on the DL, we knew about it from Dave (Rainier Club). It's owned by a renowned wedding photog. Seriously could sleep like... 27 people. I'll see if I can get some deets for you.

  4. Oh whoa. No pressure on getting the details. I thought it could have been one of those official vacation rentals. :) Nice job on the hookups!


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