Everybody's Running for the Weekend

I signed up for the Columbia Gorge half marathon. It is 12 weeks away. Yes, I signed up over a week before the event. Giving myself adequate time to freak out, get injured...TRAIN!

Not only that but I'm running it with a great group of girls. So far Deana, Ashley, Sarah, Megan, and Becky have signed up.

In other good news we have broken free of the gloom for a few days here in Seattle. I took my bebe Hyundai in for its 30K checkup this morning (my Prada budget is blown again). Then got out in that sun to work on my miles and my freckles.

I ran 5 miles then rode bikes downtown with O. We enjoyed the Sculpture Park and happy hour at one of the waterfront hotels. Ahhh Saturday.


  1. We get to train and plan a mini vacation in Hood River! Best!


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