I might as well bottle it...

There are beer snobs. I learned this at the Vancouver USA Marathon Expo this weekend, while dining with a couple fellow boothers (I don't know what to call us). They laughed about how some people don't know what an IPA is. I laughed while at the same time frantically tried to think of what I.P.A could stand for... I'll Google it later. Maybe. But honestly I don't really care. I am not a beer snob, I rarely touch the stuff. After the age of 25 my body decided it was time to quit the beer. Despite loving New Belgium like every good Colorado State graduate, my true love lies in the fruits of the vine.

O bought me the experience of wine making for my birthday. He's been big on gifting experiences. Which I love. So a couple months ago we made the wine.

And today we bottled it.

our wine baby





I named it, 'the great whale also' and it's a Syrah. Now I've brewed my own beer and made my own wine (our first date was brewing beer at O's house - I still have one bottle I). If you live in Washington, I would suggest Classic Winemakers in Lacey. You have to ask questions to get to know the process; the man who showed us around was a man of few words. But over all was a great experience. I loved creating the label and seeing it on a real bottle of wine that we made. There will definitely be a dusty bottle of 'the great whale also' in my future...


  1. cute label. how many bottles did it make?

  2. 12! I have to wait a month to bust one open though...


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