Expo Detox

I have worked two expos back to back. Last weekend I was in Vancouver USA, and this week I was right here in Seattle for the Rock n' Roll. Expo days are long days, with no time to sit or eat, or think a complete thought other than, "Do we have the birds tee in medium out..."

I started to feel awful on Monday midway through a 10 mile run with Sarah. The run deteriorated into a hobbling search for the next restroom. From the SLU Starbucks, to Irwin's in Wallingford, I was cafe hopping in the worst way. The next two days I was so exhausted I can only describe it as feeling drugged on cough syrup. Fuzzy around the edges. Barely able to lift my arms by 6pm. So bizarre.

I gave myself the week off of running, knowing that on Thursday was back on my feet for the Rock n Roll expo. Two 11 hour days later I'm looking back. Lunch was a Diet Pepsi and Sport Beans... or a Larabar. I think I drank one bottle of water between both days. Friday night I rushed from the office to my house then straight back out to watch O play at the Qcafe. I was so tired. Dinner there (at 10pm) was a scone and bag of chips. Then three glasses of wine at the Boxcar. I didn't sleep until 2am. And as I drifted off I made this promise, I will either get up and cheer at the marathon or I will make myself go to Sassy Fit Method. And when I woke up with a heavy head, still exhausted I decided I needed a detox week.

First things first: sweat the Merlot out of my system. Luckily I had Olivia ready at 10:30am to kick my booty at Sassy Method Class. Check.

Second: shop for food. My fridge had an onion, aloe juice, and that's pretty much it. Where have I been? Whole Foods and Trader Joes. Check. Check.

Third: stick to it! No sugar, alcohol, wheat, gluten, dairy, fatty nuts... one week. I'm not giving up caffeine. I know, I know... I just never see actually wanting to give up coffee. I've done it before, but I jump right back on.

Sometimes I need a complete reset week to give me a clean slate and help get me back to healthy eating. I'm interested to know if others do these reset weeks? What does your detox entail?


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