I've really been dragging these last couple weeks. Running with tired legs, crawling through the 2pm slump, hitting the Clinique hard to hide dark circles. I'm not sure what the deal is. As I drove up over the hill between Ballard and Wallingford this morning, I wasn't even feeling my normal bouts of road rage as a girl spot checking her makeup drifted into my lane.

Meh. I was too busy thinking about the things I needed to move and/or get rid of before O moves in tomorrow. I'm so excited! My best friend is moving in. Finally someone to cook me decent meals, make sure the electric bill gets paid plus all the Scrabble tournaments a girl can handle...but good change is also 'stress'. As W, a girl who works as head of HR at xyz corp, told me one day at running club. Ever taken a stress test? Me neither, but apparently you can score points for 'getting married', 'buying a house', 'getting a raise'... good things rate on the richter scale of stressout.

Change has always exhilarated and exhausted me. First exhilaration, followed closely by exhaustion. Then exhilaration again, and exhaustion. Roll on, rollercoaster. This cycle is typically coupled with getting sick (as is the case with most good rollercoasters). Knock on wood this isn't one of those situations.
Anyway, I'm pooped. But of course can't sleep. So ... running is coming as well as it can. I did a tempo workout today which seemed appropriate.


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