Eugene (Meh Race) Vacation (Fab.u.lous.)

The Eugene expo was fun. The race... er.. not so much. Side stab! Couldn't breath. Almost DNF. Sad Sarah. I know I need to get my funny foot under control. Everything is just pulling all wrong. I'm glad I finished the run, but it left a bad taste in my mouth. Ready to find another 13.1 to have fun with.

After Eugene I zipped off to Hawaii! I figured out that this was my FIRST vacation that didn't involve visiting family. When you live across the country from your family you find yourself flying there first. But I gave up my seat on the way home from Christmas in Vermont with one goal in mind: Earn my trip to the beach. Done and done.

I stayed in 5 star hotel...

...with a sweet gym

the most sophisticated dining in the pacific...

...and my best friend to share it all with.

A mediocre race and a great trip...alright we're all caught up!


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