Eugene Marathon Expo Day One: Compression Socks, Celebs, Free Dessert

I'm in Eugene for the very first time! Cruised into town on Thursday evening. #1 stop: food at at co-op. #2 stop: run to Hayward Field. Hope for goosebumps.

The run to Hayward Field ended in my taking a wrong turn and seeing the student tennis courts. Then looping around and trying to avoid skateboarders as I sneaked a peek at the historic track.

I'll see it Sunday, when I line up for the half. Wooo!

I'm down here to represent Oiselle (tweet tweet!) at the Eugene Marathon expo. Day one was a little slow, but I had fun running around the expo trying to find food and feeling stalkerish in my love for Lauren Fleshman and Stephanie Rothstein. Super fast runners, plus entrepreneurs. Could I be more in love? Nope. They started Picky Bars! I am a 'Picky Eater' for sure. These bars are gluten and dairy free, but super delicious. Love.

Since I'm running on Sunday after standing around for two days at the expo I turned the one and only Sally Bergesen for advice. Guru Sally said "Compression Socks", Guru Sarah Lesko said, "Compression Socks!" So compression socks I have. I think they helped yesterday. I'm about to go out for a "jiggle jog" with Larisa so we'll see. I've been having dead legs all week. But as I say about the Eugene half, "It's about the pancakes, and the track." In it for the fun and the food as usual.

Of course I went out to grub last night. Found a funky fusion restaurant then ate dessert at the Sweet Life. While standing in line the dude behind the counter was like, "Whoever does a peace sign first wins..." I didn't hear what but I flashed my peace sign as fast as lightening. I love to WIN! It was a cheesecake cupcake. Yum. Two desserts for me.


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