Easter Weekend

This weekend began my mini taper for the Eugene half. It was nice to have an easy 9 on Sunday. I'm not sure what to expect in Eugene. I'm working the Oiselle booth the two days prior. My first experience working an expo. It's nice to take the edge of the race, but at the same time I wish I was focused on Sunday's performance. Which is why I'll be signing up for another 13.1 this summer and hopefully sticking to my smart plan of using Sunday as a tempo.

This weekend was Easter and full of birthdays! Owen's mom and sister were both born on April 24, and my mom's birthday is the 25th. Of course my mom is across the country in Massachusetts; I have missed her birthday for years now. Bad! But it's always fun to celebrate with the Robinsons. I'm starting to think of the 24th and 25th as Christmas in April!

We started off the celebration on Friday night, coloring eggs with Jane. We used ties (the whole time they were talking about this I thought they were saying Thai). You just wrap the eggs in silk ties, boil as usual and unwrap to reveal tie-dyed eggs.

The next day we were off to Olympia for treats at Anna's! Then we rode our sugar high down the hill to watch the Procession of the Species!!

(yes this is all for me.)

The Procession of the Species is just what it sounds like. Animals! People! Spiders! Mermaids! Zombies?! Come as you are, species.

What a happy birthday weekend! And Easter too!


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