Push Up Variations

Today after my run I did circuit training. I actually love strength training. I think it's fun. I'm looking forward to adding more to my training. Most specifically I like doing push-ups. (I know I have a problem) But I was the girl (barely) benching the bar in high school gym class, so I feel pretty buff when I power through a minute of spider man push-ups. And yes I do grunt.

Annnyway. The two push-up variations in today's workout were the 'T push-up' and 'push-up + plank row'. All push-ups work the core and legs, with a focus in shoulders and chest. But these two variations take the stability core work up a notch. Killing two birds, my friends.

T Push-Up (this dude's calves are scary. sorry. shudder)

Push-Up + Plank Row
Full Circuit (60 seconds each, no rest until all done, 60 rest, repeat circuit)
goblet squat
mt climber
single arm dumbell swing
T push up
split jump
dumbbell push up + row
dumbbell lunge and rotation
squat + shoulder press

Finished with 5 minutes of abs on the pilates roller.


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