LSD Saturday

The time had come. I hadn't run a long run in over a year. First because of the post Chicago injury. Then because there was simply no reason to.

I love the long run. And since I'm starting to see races on the horizon again (perhaps another half) tis the season for a reason.

I remembered part of my old 18 miler was a very nice 9. So I went after that this morning. I didn't want to jump from 6 to over 10 so I made myself promise no matter how good I felt there would be no 10+. I tacked on an extra loop to make it 9.6. No greed! Greed = injury. So that's where I ended it. My legs felt great (of course they did, they are fresh) and despite the concrete-wall-wind-gusts it was really fun to be out there again. Blowing around, hitting some trails, actually soaking in some mid winter sun!

*Photos taken with my iPhone - Discovery Park Seattle

Distance: 9.6
Course: Magnolia + Discovery = hilly + trails
Weather: Sunny + VERY windy. Weee blowing off the sidewalk!
Time: 1:16
Felt: Happy to run over 6 but also cursing my $@*# cramps!


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