Running At Night

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I often run in the dark. I wear my Nike reflective vest and always assume cars don't see me. I don't try to run through intersections at the last moment, I make eye contact with drivers before running in front of them while they are trying to make a right hand turn.

While I'm out running in the rainy, dark Seattle night I see people wearing all black, black hoods up, ear buds in, dodging through intersections. It bums me out. Like good bikers cringe when they see another cyclist tarnishing their good name by running lights and cutting dangerously in front of cars. I feel like irresponsible night running gives a bad impression that affects all runners.

Not to mention how risky it is. I know a feeling of invincibility comes with running, but in the fight against a car ... I'll give you two guesses who wins and the first one doesn't count. I love running and I've had my share of injuries, I do what I can to stay on the road. Don't jeopardize what you love by running invisible!

There is so much awesome reflective gear and apparel out there; go treat yourself to some and stay safe out there!

From the Groove pants to the Speed Shorts, Lululemon has you covered in reflective detailing!
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From reflective details to reflective vests. If you live near a Nike Outlet you can find reflective vests at great prices. I think I got mine for under $10.
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I love the Oiselle Fargo jacket. It has awesome reflective detailing that just looks like stylish detail in the daylight.
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LED Arm Bands
You can wear it with anything and don't to worry about your reflective apparel being out of the wash :)
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  1. wow, I'm so impressed- I just get scared at night and stay inside!


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