New Shorts from Oiselle!

I can finally retire one of my old, so old they haven't made them in over seven years, pairs of running shorts. I got new cute running shorts from Oiselle! And I am in love.They sit low, they never ride up, I not once felt like I wanted to roll the waist band down, and the innie-undies stay put. These shorts are actually marked down to $25 at right now! Click here to check out the roga shorts. And check out the other cute shorts Oiselle makes for lady runners.

On my trial run with my new shorts, two other products were inadvertently tested. A Nike tank top that felt too long and was driving me crazy. I think it's for yoga. But the second thing tested that really failed, was a pair of Victoria Secret undies. They dyed my skin black. Yes, when I say my skin I mean everywhere that undies are. Thumbs down. It was very strange. Expect a letter from me, Angels. You've been warned.


  1. You know, as long as the black undie stuff didn't get on the Oiselle shorts, it's all good! ;) Thanks for the review gal! And note that those shorts ARE on the Oiselle the SALE section. Killer deal at $25.00.


    PS - Love the heart graphics.

  2. I'm such a goof, I knew I was skimming past them. Edited post to include link!


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