iPhone for Running - Nike+

I got an iPhone a couple weeks ago. No, not the upgrade. Just the iPhone. Finally. My Noni has had one for over two years, so I figured it was time. Plus my old phone sat in a puddle of bleach water and never was quite the same. Long story.

I loved my iPhone right away. Much like I imagine I will love my own child, except that child won't be able to read me The Wall Street Journal on the bus. Or will it...Anyway, I digress. I love my iPhone. It has an adorable Kate Spade case and it's useful. Really useful.

The first App I put on my iPhone was Nike+. Heck yes. My watch ran out of batteries and after being shooed from the Target counter when asking for help, I just sort of gave up. I hate finding watch batteries, or tools small enough to deal with them. The Nike+ could be my watch! But it does so much more than my watch.

It tracks my run, gives me my pace, tells me good job in a robot-like human voice. But best of all I get congratulated on my runs! Tracy Morgan was the first to tell me good job and I really appreciated it. I just wish Paula Radcliffe didn't sound so depressed ...

I know this puts me in the 'recreational runner' category. And listening to my Rihanna Pandora station doesn't help. But I don't care anymore. I used to jog over to the Colorado State field house with my Walkman; I took the abuse that came with that. But those days are over, and I stand proud with my headphones. I will NEVER race with them though, or run with a friend while wearing them. I have to draw the line somewhere.


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