What to Wear for Fall Running

Chicago Marathon 2009 was Under 40 degrees
Fall is a beautiful time to be running. The leaves are changing, the popular paths are less crowded, it's a much more reflective time for training. Many people are tapering and gearing up for their fall marathons (Portland, Chicago...) The days are getting shorter and a little cooler. If you're new to running you may wonder what to wear as the temperature drops.

Here are the four guidelines I have followed for over 14 years of running

Never train in shorts if the temperature is under 40 degrees (F)

Take the temperature outside (say it's 45 degrees) and add 20 (65 degrees). Wear what you would be comfortable standing around in at that temperature. So for a 45 degree day I would wear shorts and a longsleeve. No hat, no gloves.

On a cold day it will take almost a mile to warm up, if you're over dressed you'll know by then.

If you're racing, you can adjust. I would feel slow racing in pants, but that's just me. I've raced in buns in 30 degree weather. It's much more mental. Now with the arm and leg sleeves it's especially easy to wear shorts in a race. *Wear layers that you can throw off if you're nervous.


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