Trapeze! Add Some Circus to your Life

This week has been a huge leap into the unknown for me. I stepped out of my job on Friday and into the world of "self employment". It's scary and exciting. My days are spent working on freelance projects, studying my NSCA book and reaching out to potential clients. But at night as I almost drift off, I am shaken awake by thoughts of car payments, rent, food... can I do this??

It was only appropriate that I should try trapeze yesterday. Much like the overly metaphorical Sex and the City episode featuring little miss Carrie trying to reach out and let go of the bar, I stood at the bottom of a ladder that was much higher than I'd anticipated. Climbed it. And somehow talked myself into reaching out for the bar and hopping off that plank to swing out (much like a wet noodle) over the net. Yes, yes the metaphor is here. Leaving my comfortable little spot on the ground, or in a cubicle, or behind the shop desk. Choosing to leap out into a situation where the outcome is unknown. Looking like a wet noodle. ;)
Of course at trapeze class there is someone yelling out your next move. Hook your legs! Let go of the bar! Stop being a pansy! They offer a helpful critique of your last attempt. In life you often have to be your own cheerleader and instructor. Wake up! Workout! Email that client! You can do this! And then if you slip up you have to be nice to yourself, firm in your advice yet optimistic that you will improve. I was so lucky to have this unique opportunity try a free class with Sassy Fit ladies, Bri and Kelly. I will be back! If you have the opportunity to do a trapeze class, do it. It was an amazing experience, physically and mentally. Especially if you're terrified of heights (like me). I was surprised by how much we got to learn in just a couple hours. If you live in Seattle, check out Emerald City Trapeze Arts. You can even have a private party like a bachlorette party there! There's nothing like this experience. Go! Do it!


  1. Oh I do trapeze there! It's so fun!

  2. I loved it. I wish I could go every day!


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