Day Hike Near Seattle - Short with a Great View

Owen and I got up early on Saturday to hike Rattlesnake Ridge in North Bend. He wanted to get up and be on the road by 6:30am. I wasn't so keen on that plan, so we left an hour later.

It was a great Saturday morning hike. Only about two miles up, with an amazing view at the top!

If you decide to hike Rattlesnake Ridge hit the trail by 8:30am. You'll see why as you pass dogs, kids, babies, and large groups near the bottom on your way back down. You can reward yourself for not hitting the snooze button by taking a nap by the lake when you're done. The trail would be a great run, not too steep, and short. Perfect early morning trail run.

If you live in Seattle or nearby and want to read more about this hike checkout Weekend Hike's Rattlesnake Ridge guide here.


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