Break the 'All or Nothing' Cycle

When it comes to working out, or training for a race, it's very easy to slip into an 'all or nothing' mentality. You miss a workout or indulge in a midday dessert and think, "well this day (or week) is shot!" It's important to forgive yourself and not dwell. If your friend came to you berating themselves for missing a workout or spulging on dessert you would never make them feel hopeless.

With a career, perhaps a family, friends, relationships, it can be hard to stick to the fitness goals we've set. Of course staying fit and healthy will contribute positive things to all these other areas, so it's vital to your life. Make a plan and get it done. But if you miss a workout (no beating yourself up!) and have a spare 10 minutes make the most of it. Seriously, waiting in that tiny room for the doctor is the perfect time to fit in some stretching or squats. Dips using the bathroom counter at work? Done that before too.

Sweat and the City is one of my favorite new fitness sites. You can sign up for free daily workouts sent to your inbox everyday. This weekend the focus was on 10 minute workouts. 10 minutes, 10 exercises, no equipment. Perfect little workouts to have in your back pocket for those days when there is no time.
*Check out the 10 minute workout here!


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